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Lasting Power of Attorney

None of us want to think about possible mental incapacity, but as we live longer, more and more of us will need help in looking after our affairs

It’s not easy to accept or even recognise your mental health may be in decline, Sometimes it takes a close friend or a member of your family to point out that you have been acting differently or being more forgetful than normal.

These can be distressing conversations for both parties to have but at a time of stress and anxiety it helps to know you have put things in place to ensure the ones you most trust are responsible for your safety and well-being.

Of course you needn’t wait until you get to this stage to registering your Lasting Power of Attorney. These documents can remain in the possession of the court of protection until triggered meaning you and your loved ones can relax knowing that should the time come, everything has already been taken care of.

Why it’s important for you to have a Lasting Power Of Attorney

  • You control who you name as your attorney. If you are incapacitated the Court of Protection decides for you.
  • A ‘Lasting’ Power of Attorney, unlike an ordinary one lasts beyond the point of incapacity.
  • You can decide if you want someone to act as attorney for both your finances and health or just one of those two options.
  • You must first register your LPA for them to be triggered upon your incapacity
  • You can name more than one attorney who can either make decision jointly or be separately
  • You can name a successor in the event your attorney dies
  • Without an LPA in place it can take months for your family to access urgent funds
  • It gives you peace of mind ensuring your estate if managed by people you trust
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