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Over one hundred Family Trusts created


Over one thousand Wills written


Twenty-five Years Estate Planning Experience


One million plus saved for clients

Keeping It In The Family

The family home is often the most valuable asset we own; it needs protecting.

As care home fees, along with the average age of the population continues to increase, making sure your property is protected to ensure it passes down the family line is an important step for any home owner.

Putting your property and additional assets into Trust have many benefits including:

  • Used to protect property and/or assets
  • Ensure the property passes down through the family whilst you retain use for your lifetime
  • Remove property and assets from your estate for the purposes of Inheritance Tax
  • Avoid probate fees
  • In the unfortunate event of a divorce, ensures the property stays within the family
  • Property can be excluded from Local Authority means test when assessed for Long Term Care

**A Trust should not be used solely for Care fee avoidance, please ask for clarification

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